Golden Hour | Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Georgia Photographer

This is my first post as part of a new lifestyle blog circle that I've joined. I met a group of women during the final run of an amazing course over at Clickin Moms called "Lifestyle Photography with Kids," taught by the wonderfully talented Ashley Spaulding.

Several of us decided that we needed continued motivation to shoot images of our children weekly so we joined together to create a blog circle. Jana, who came up with the idea of this group, has suggested ideas for us to follow this month- in our posts this month you'll see "kids in the kitchen," "pumpkins & fall," "morning routine," "golden hour," and "wild card." We will each choose the topic that works best for us each week and will be posting weekly. Once you get to the bottom of the post, you'll find links to my friends' blogs- check them out!

This week, I went with the golden hour theme. I could tell that the light was perfect on Saturday evening and there are a couple fields near our house that I have been DYING to test out. This assignment gave me the push that I needed to take jack out there and shoot! I must say that he is an almost impossible photography subject but each time I take photos, I'm so happy that I did.  I'm in love with both of these fields - images 1-6 are in the first field and images 7-9 are in the second- we'll be going back often! 

Of course, my other motivation was to get some images in the Bama shortall and elephant shoes:) And I have to add that he did seem excited as we drove and said "yay, picture mommy!" 

Roll Tide! 



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