handsome high school senior | Johns Creek High School Class of 2014 | Johns Creek Senior Photographer

After this session with handsome Jordan, I must say that Seniors are one of my new favorites to photograph. They don't run away from you, they stay where you put them, and don't require any crazy animal noises or bribes! I truly had so much fun hanging out with Jordan and his family during our time together. Jack even came along for the fun and loved Jordan, his doggie, and his big truck and then was thoroughly entertained by his new best friend- Jordan's daddy.

I met Jordan's family through church a few years ago. They are great people and I enjoy spending time with them. Jordan's mom talked to me back in the spring about a senior session for Jordan sometime during his senior year and I've been super thrilled about this one ever since we first discussed the possibility! 

We decided to meet in November at the lake in this family's neighborhood. We caught the leaves just in time, had a perfectly sunny day, and had the perfect temperature. Jordan's senior pictures were the main focus of this session but we also took the opportunity to get some sibling shots and full family shots while they were all together.

Jordan is a super cool guy, so fun to talk to, easy going, friendly, and is the captain of the Johns Creek HIgh soccer team. He has a very bright future ahead of him. I know mom, dad, and sister Brooklyn must be very proud of him!