Project 365 | Week 1 - January 1-7, 2015 | Johns Creek, Alpharetta, GA Family Photographer

This year I have decided to embark on a Project 365... a photo a day for an entire year. I have been wanting to complete one of these personal projects for a couple years now, but finally felt the true motivation and desire to do it in 2015! With our new addition of baby brother at the end of this month, I know I'll have lots of great subject matter.

I hope to mostly capture each day with my d800 as a way of refining and expanding my photography skills but there may be some iPhone shots sprinkled throughout. So please excuse the quality of those few! Day 2 and Day 7 of this first week are iPhone captures - day 2 because I left my memory cards at home and day 7 because the moment happened and I only had my phone:)

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1|365 - Bama v Ohio State

2|365 - Dinner at Ruth's Chris - "mommy, come take my picture!"

2|365 - Dinner at Ruth's Chris - "mommy, come take my picture!"

3|365 - Gran and Poppy were in town - Jack and Poppy wore match pjs!

4|365 - Waffle House brunch

5|365 - Big boy bed naps

6|365 - Construction site viewing on the way home from preschool

7|365 - "Baby brother, are you in there growing bigger, bigger, bigger??"