mom and two beautiful daughters | tuscaloosa child photographer

For those of you that do not know me personally, I have embarked on the journey to become a nurse. This session is incredibly special because mom was one of my very first nursing school professors. After meeting her, I immediately loved and respected her for her personality and intelligence. I spent a semester in one of her courses and then was lucky enough to placed in her clinical group in the subsequent semester. The knowledge she passed on to our small group and the attention that she gave us is incomparable. I will forever be grateful for all that I learned under her guidance!

Dr. K and her sweet Katherine and Charlotte met me at Sokol Park on a Friday afternoon in May. We had so much fun and I loved how photogenic all 3 of these girls were. Enjoy looking through a few of my favorite images from our time together! <3

mom and daughters at barn
mom hugging her girls
beautiful girl in blue dress
young girl sitting on side of barn
female headshot in barn
toddler girl smiling and reaching up
mom holding toddler daughter
sisters hugging and smiling
sisters climbing on barn rail
mom and daughters sokol park barn
sisters in field
mom and daughters in green field