atlanta fall family of 3 | tuscaloosa portrait photographer

I met this lovely family of 3 in atlanta. They are neighbors of some of my most favorite clients. We met at Lullwater Park on an evening that we were worried about rain but it ended up being beautiful! Their adorable little boy insisted on wearing his rain boots and I love that mom and dad were so chill about allowing him to do so. The L family moved to atlanta not too long ago and are thriving. Mom is a pediatrician and we had so much fun talking about the medical world. She gave me some great advice and I hope I gave her photographic memories to cherish:). Thank you, L family for asking me to photograph your family this fall! Enjoy a few of my favorites from our evening together. Cheers~

fall family of 3
family of three and dog
toddler kissing mom dad smiling
mom and dad smiling at son
toddler on dad's shoulders
toddler in rain boots
fall family of 3 and doggie
husband and wife touching noses
toddler boy fall
fall photo family of three
mom and toddler son smiling at camera
family of 3 and dog snuggling

my favorite atlanta triplets | tuscaloosa family photographer

One of my very favorite families <3. I have been coming back to atlanta for the last 2 years to photograph this amazing crew. I first met them at their triplet baptism and we got along so well. They are fantastic. If we still lived in atlanta, we would definitely hang out often! I'm always so thrilled to hear from them and honored that they ask me to travel to georgia to do a photo session their family. This evening was so much fun. We had a great time catching up and they were (as always) so easy to photograph. Thank you, D family, for trusting me with your images once again. Enjoy a few of my favorites from our time together! Cheers~

family of five in fall smiling
mom holding toddler
dad holding daughters fall
mom and dad chasing triplets
father and son surrounded by fall colors
fall family of 5 triplets
triplets ducks pond
mom snuggling toddler daughter
brown eyed toddler boy snuggling dad
mom and daughter with umbrellas
dad and daughter laughing

perfect fall family session in alabama | tuscaloosa child photographer

I met this perfect family at Capitol Park in downtown Tuscaloosa on a beautiful fall evening. We couldn't have asked for better weather and lighting. The cutie pie older boy is in the same preschool class as my youngest and they LOVE each other! And the precious baby chunk is just too adorable. We had so much fun and I'm in love with the images we captured. My most favorite is the one of mom and her baby love <3. Enjoy a few of my favorites from our time together! Cheers~

family of 4 | tuscaloosa family photographer

This family is so special to me! Delaune and I were sorority sisters and had the same major at Samford University. I always loved her so when we decided to move to Tuscaloosa, she was the first person I reached out to for advice about the town. We knew John from Samford as well and now he's my dentist. They have the cutest little boys, Morrow and Landry, who were both so perfect for our session.

We met at Capitol Park in downtown Tuscaloosa. It's one of my favorites for family sessions because there is green space and architecture for some variety. We got some adorable Christmas card images and then a lot of beautiful images of the family in their matching light blue clothes with perfect lighting. 

Thank you for asking me to photograph your family, Delaune and John! Enjoy a few of my favorites from our time together. Cheers~

tuscaloosa family of 4
southern father and son
tuscaloosa baby
family of four in pale blue
golden hour family of 4
capitol park tuscaloosa family
family of 4 snuggles
mom and baby boy smiling
mom kissing baby boy
tuscaloosa couple

golden hour + family of 4 | tuscaloosa family photographer

I met this family at Capitol Park in downtown Tuscaloosa (one of my favorite spots) for their portrait session. Mom is another of my favorite UA nursing professors. SO SMART and has encouraged me and taught me so much in my time as a student. I absolutely loved meeting her husband and children on this summer evening. The golden hour light and the outfits and the adorable family just make me drool <3 Enjoy my favorties from our evening together!

captiol park family of 4
happy blonde siblings
siblings playing behind columns
mom and dad hugging
kids playing capitol park
mom and daughter golden hour
mom and 3 year old son capitol park tuscaloosa
father and 3 year old son
father and daughter pouting
father and son talking
family of 4 laughing in field
4 year old girl playing capitol park
3 year old boy playing capitol park tuscaloosa
3 year old smiling golden hour
family of 4 capitol park tuscaloosa

mom and two beautiful daughters | tuscaloosa child photographer

For those of you that do not know me personally, I have embarked on the journey to become a nurse. This session is incredibly special because mom was one of my very first nursing school professors. After meeting her, I immediately loved and respected her for her personality and intelligence. I spent a semester in one of her courses and then was lucky enough to placed in her clinical group in the subsequent semester. The knowledge she passed on to our small group and the attention that she gave us is incomparable. I will forever be grateful for all that I learned under her guidance!

Dr. K and her sweet Katherine and Charlotte met me at Sokol Park on a Friday afternoon in May. We had so much fun and I loved how photogenic all 3 of these girls were. Enjoy looking through a few of my favorite images from our time together! <3

mom and daughters at barn
mom hugging her girls
beautiful girl in blue dress
young girl sitting on side of barn
female headshot in barn
toddler girl smiling and reaching up
mom holding toddler daughter
sisters hugging and smiling
sisters climbing on barn rail
mom and daughters sokol park barn
sisters in field
mom and daughters in green field

family of 4 ~ autumn photos | tuscaloosa family photographer

This family! I have missed them so much since we moved from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa. Thankfully, I have had many clients and friends who request that I come back to continue to take their family portraits. I always love a good reason to go back "home" for the weekend.

You'll remember Emma Claire's 2 year old fall session, Reid's newborn session, and the vintage blue spring session that we did earlier this year. I was so excited that they wanted full family photos on this occasion! We had perfect weather and a perfectly matched family to go along:). We spent the morning taking lots of photos as well as spending a lot of time catching up. I have really missed my beautiful friend and her family.

Enjoy browsing through a few of my favorites from our morning together...

autumn family of 4
happy baby boy
beautiful big sister
5 year old girl blowing dandelions
coordinating siblings during fall
sibling love
siblings walking in field holding hands
fall family of 4
family snuggling on blanket

family of five ~ fall photo session | tuscaloosa family photographer

I'll always remember this one! My first photo session in Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide! Although this is a family of Ole Miss fans it's ok because I was glad to find out that there's a little bit of college football diversity here. Mom- Carlley- is a local photographer herself and the director of my boys' preschool. Since she knows what to look for, I was honored that she asked me to capture their fall family photos. She also introduced me to this beautiful location, Capitol Park, where there are ruins from the old capitol building when Tuscaloosa was the Alabama state capitol from 1826-1846. The building burned in 1923 but has been preserved in this park. I'm a fan of the location and this family!

Carlley knew exactly where she wanted her family photo so that made the session super quick! And don't they look wonderful in their pastels? Perfect coordination and choice for the setting.

Enjoy my favorites from our night together...

tuscaloosa family fall photo
fall family of five
capitol park family photo
family at sunset fall

the s family | tuscaloosa family photographer

I have known this sweet family since their oldest was only two years old! We know each other from church and I was even able to visit both little sister and little brother in the hospital after they were born. That always gives me a special bond with a family and baby.
I was thrilled when they call and invited me to capture them inside and around their newly built home. Their kind spirits overflow whenever you are around them and this evening was no different. We had the best time together. Enjoy a few of my favorites!

family of five tuscaloosa
married couple outside home
three siblings outside home
little brother tuscaloosa
big brother tuscaloosa
boy by brick wall
middle sister in white dress

family of five fall photos | Johns Creek Family Photographer

Meet the Doldo's! My beautiful friend, Faith, and all her handsome boys! Their oldest son and my Jack are big buddies so I knew what an adorable personality the little man had and the twins couldn't be cuter if they tried!

Faith's husband, Neil, works as the fitness director at the Atlanta Athletic Club, so when Faith mentioned that location as an option, I knew we HAD to go for it. Nothing like a private photo session for your family of five on the golf course! Their perfectly coordinated outfits totally made the session. I had so much fun photographing your family, Faith and Neil, and hope you will enjoy the images for many years to come!

family of four photos | brookhaven family photographer

I can't say enough wonderful things about this family of four and their fall photo session. They are some of my favorite people in Atlanta. I met them through church when their oldest was just a baby and even visited the hospital when their son was born. They are always so enjoyable to talk to and their kids are the best and so much fun. 

We met on a beautiful weekday afternoon at a park in Buckhead, one that I had been anxious to try out for some time now. It was absolutely gorgeous and the perfect setting for their family pictures. Mom coordinated their outfits so perfectly and they look amazing! I just love how the images turned out. Take a peek....


gender reveal - spring baby, pink or blue? | Johns Creek Maternity Photographer

My beautiful friend, Sarah, contacted me after finding out the gender of her baby and wanted to do a special photo shoot for Van, Sarah and Chad's son. I was instantly excited about this idea and knew how sweet Van has been about his mommy being pregnant and wanting to know if his sibling would be a boy or a girl. I couldn't wait to witness the big reveal!

It's a girl!!!! Van was adorable and giddy with excitement over his soon to be baby sister! I couldn't be more thrilled for my sweet friend and her family. This baby girl is so blessed to have  a big brother like Van and such awesome parents, too:) Thank you, Chad and Sarah, for letting me be part of the big reveal!

sweet little siblings | Alpharetta Family Photographer

I was so excited about this session for my friends the Gersters and hoped that we would get lucky and have a warm December session. Not so much, it was freezing!!!

We got some really sweet shots in the short time we were together but will be finishing this session on a warmer day. So look for more of this beautiful family soon!


6 month old sweetness ~ family of 3 | Johns Creek Baby Photographer

Sweet little Joseph is six months old! This is such great stage and possibly one of my favorite baby ages. They'll sit still and smile for you but can't crawl (or run for that matter!) away.  I have thoroughly enjoyed each session with his family and this one was no different for sure. 

Joseph was an excellent model during our shoot... big blue eyes, chunky baby legs, and a huge, sweet grin that really came out when his mommy would sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Alicia and Josh, I am so honored to have the opportunity to document this stage of your life with Joseph. You have a beautiful family!